Product features

Makeree’s complete solution lets you create stunning interactive guides, easily manage instructional content and directly interact with your customers.

Ultimate product experience

Makeree makes user guides interactive, engaging and fun. Users can follow step-by-step instructions at their own pace and in their own language, view the product from multiple angles to better understand tricky parts and choose their own path. Users can also get helpful tips and offers from your company at the perfect time.

Easy access

The search to find those instructions is over! With Makeree, users can access the most updated instructions from virtually anywhere: from their mobile device, tablet or laptop, and from QR codes, your website, and your ecommerce store – so people can see before they buy. So, wherever they are, users can use your product perfectly.

User guides management

With Makeree, managing your content is intuitive and quick. Create new instructions and update existing ones, Add offers and interactive tips, manage user guides translations and much more. Track how customers are really using your instructions, and get a unique window into what happens after they buy your products and how you can leverage direct communication with them.

Makeree is an easy, white label, turnkey solution.

Makeree can be fully customized around your brand and your products.

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