Let customers access your brand’s visual instructions in multiple ways

Having product information available anywhere, anytime, is no longer a luxury, it’s an expectation. From browsing your product online to box-opening, Makeree gives your customers seamless access to all the self-assembly information they need. So, they’ll never have to go hunting for that darn manual again!

Makeree offers many places where your customers can access your visual instructions.

Embed the instructions in any page of your website – homepage, product page, visual FAQ, resource library etc.

Embed visual instructions in your e-shop or distributors’ websites (as easy as embedding your logo).

Embed visual instructions inside your existing product app or easily create a stand-alone app for your product featuring beautiful visual instructions.

Take users directly to your interactive visual instructions by putting QR codes on packaging or in existing user manuals. Facilitate digital sharing by including direct access links on any social media, such as Twitter or Instagram.

Send your customers a web app (an app that doesn’t need to be downloaded at an app store) that they can use immediately without the need to install.