DIY Trends and Predictions for the Future of Digital Instructions

The era of traditional instructions, like the printed paper-guide ones, has long passed. Today, we are witnessing a massive digitization of the field of instructions from the most diverse industries, starting with toys, art & craft, painting and coatings – to household items, furniture and home improvement.
In the ever-evolving world of DIY activities, digital instructions have become the backbone of countless projects and their continuous development sets several trends and predictions that shape how we will learn, create, and share our DIY experiences.

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Inspired by the spirit of play at Spielwarenmesse 2024

The start of 2024 is impactful one for Makeree platform team due to the business opportunities established within Spielwarenmesse 2024 – the largest international toys industry trade show of high importance for all the participants. It represents the largest and most comprehensive play-focused experience unifying the toy industry’s entire ecosystem with key players to help with business development and sourcing the latest products from across all forms and stages of play.

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JIVY GROUP Completes Acquisition of MAKEREE Platform

JIVY GROUP, a software provider with international exposure in the area of building digital experience, announces that it has completed the acquisition of the Makeree platform that provides digital creation & management of engaging, interactive user guides via a combination of images, video and text.

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Retailing on Amazon: manuals matter | Guest post by Heli Cogan

Picture this – after searching online for bikes for more than two weeks, you’ve finally found the perfect one. Keen and excited, you make an order and pay. Once the package arrives at your door, you rush to open it. “This is great!” you think. After taking all the parts out of the box, you dig in for the instruction manual only to find that it’s completely useless to you. A dozen black and white pictures, numbers and sentences written in a tiny font immediately throw you off. “What am I supposed to do with this?” you wonder…

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There’s an app for that ! But how will your customers know about it ?

So you have a great creative product and see the (obvious) value of offering your fans a surrounding digital environment that lays out the instructions and engages users to build and share the results.
Once the work is done and both branded app and web app are available for your costumers, it is now time to support the instruction apps and spread the word using easily applicable digital tools.

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