Makeree is passionate about helping brands become better “educators” and people become better “makers”

Think about it. The first interaction any consumer product brand has with its customers is an educational one. Your brand’s first job is to teach customers how to assemble or use your product. The problem is, brands tend to educate customers using “tools” (like using paper manuals or hard-to-follow videos) not optimally designed for the way regular people learn to make things.

Makeree was built to create the optimal learning system for making or using products. At Makeree we think of instructions holistically, designing the best way to plan, manage, learn, and leverage this first critical interaction to fit your brand’s needs. First impressions count. We help you make the most out of this ideal learning experience.

Our story

Makeree was founded as a modern alternative to paper or video instructions for DIY projects. Realizing paper or video instructions were not suitable to teach hands-on skills or build real world products, we began creating an interactive learning environment, with digitally-enhanced visual instructions. Our first learning environment helped people create exciting DIY projects. Users really loved it. They felt respected and had fun. It was just better than anything they had experienced before. We knew we were on to something… and the feeling got stronger as companies began showing interest in us. In fact, they soon began asking us to create the same experience for their brands and products.

Eventually it became clear that Makeree had the potential to do something universally beneficial. Instead of pursuing our original dream to teach people how to make DIY projects, we understood we could help millions of people around the world to make just about anything. So we decided to share our platform and technology with brands so that they could provide their users with this experience, while constantly perfecting it and adjusting it for different brands.

Brands loved the idea. Instead of developing their own technology and doing their own research, now there was one place that can be the center of the product assembly experience. As we started working with more and more brands we gradually realized we are not only enhancing the customer’s experience with the brand, but we are also providing new ways to communicate with customers and collect useful analytics and data, thus serving as a retention tool for the brand. You could say, we are using instructions to make non-digital products more digital.