About us

Why Makeree?

Makeree is all about changing the way people interact with physical consumer products through the use of 21st century digital technology. In our rapidly advancing world, Makeree is helping organizations and traditional brands with physical products to bridge the digital divide.

Traditional industries are lagging behind online businesses in the way that they interact with their consumers, from the sales channels, to product consumption, branding and customer retention. Now, Makeree is giving these industries the ability to connect more with their consumers, build relationships, retain consumers and grow their customer lifetime values.

Who is Makeree?

Dudi Peles

Dudi holds a PhD in Science, Technology & Society. Dudi has built teaching curriculums and has taught in some of the top colleges in Israel. Dudi also has more than a decade experience in general management, business development and product management for several startups.

Sergey Borovik

Sergey is a technological expert with over 12 years of experience. BSc and Mamram graduate, Sergey has managed and led the technical development of multiple successful startups in various fields. He loves challenges and the way the technology never stops surprising us.

Tamar Schmidek
Creative Director

Tamar is an industrial designer. A true innovator with over 10 years of experience bringing various creative projects to life and guiding versatile teams.  Loves taking on new crafts, learning new creative skills and writing about it.

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