How Makeree is changing the world of instructions for use for medical devices

How Makeree is changing the world of instructions for use for medical devices

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In our fast paced world, where we can access anything and everything at our fingertips, why is it that when it comes to learning how to use a medical device we have to look through a dozen or so pages of instructions, often resulting in confusion?

Enter Makeree: the world’s easiest and efficient solution for training and visual instructions. Makeree is an Israel-based technology company founded in 2014. Its B2B platform focuses on producing seamless and easy-to-follow instructional videos for clients’ products and services. The videos utilize advanced software to create an intuitive user experience that makes the usage process simple for the end user to set up and use their new device.

The first challenge medical device companies face with new customers is ensuring correct set up and first time usage. This problem is not unique only to medical devices, but instructional materials generally.

A study reported that over the course of a month, Gadget Helpline, a service that gives customers instant technical support for all devices, received 75,000 customer service calls to get help with their products. Of these people calling, 64% of men and 24% of women had not looked at the instruction manual before asking for help. Makeree’s instructional videos aim to combat this is a common trend in the medical device world.

Every company relies on the satisfaction of their customers and staff to survive in any competitive industry. If setting up a device is too difficult, they may return it if they can’t figure it out. If they don’t return it, they may leave a negative online review and be unlikely to purchase any other product from the same company. Such outcomes are highly detrimental to a business seeking positive customer relations. Makeree ensures that end users have no issues when it comes to setting up and learning about their new medical device. The videos and IFUs are easy to follow and detail oriented.

Instruction manuals are a thing of the past. They are too long, difficult to understand and tedious to use. Makeree is the obvious solution. The company has already helped several medical device companies, including B-cure laser and GSK.

B-cure laser is a B2C laser for pain relief. Today a customer purchases this product, they can download the B-Cure app that Makeree produced. The apps includes guiding processes like changing the B-cure laser battery, a Q&A service, photos and videos with product instructions, and much more.

GSK’s Nucala device, on the other hand, is a B2B device for professionals to administer anti IL-5 therapy for adult patients with severe refractory eosinophilic asthma. Thanks to Makeree’s digital Nucala instructions, medical professionals can now see videos and interactive photos of the specific procedures and techniques required to use the devices.

Among the significant benefits of using Makeree’s easy-to-follow step-by-step visual guides, clients highlight the advantage of reducing support staff time and costs, while improving customer satisfaction and overall user experience. Makeree´s multiple ROI points mean that the benefits not only cover instructions for use, but – no less significantly – companies’ brand power and sales as well.