There’s an app for that ! But how will your customers know about it ?

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So you have a great creative product and see the (obvious) value of offering your fans a surrounding digital environment that lays out the instructions and engages users to build and share the results.

Once the work is done and both branded app and web app are available for your costumers,  it is now time to support the instruction apps and spread the word using easily applicable digital tools.


But what digital tools should brands use? Follow these 4 simple steps  

  1.  Say it on your website –

Add a cool banner to your site’s homepage or dedicate an inner page to the new app and its advantages. It is recommended to show various devices, add the easily recognizable app store icons to help get the message out clearly or add a direct link for fans to find specific projects on the web app.


  1.  Embed our web widget on your site –

Integrate our web plugin on your brand’s site, showing some of the content and projects from your app on the PC as well.  This widget implementation is as simple as adding a youtube video and will help drive traffic and new users to your app

  1. Post on social media –

Sharing posts and photos on social media channels is a mainstream method of telling your fans and followers about what is new & happening with your product or brand. These channels are a relatively fast (and effortless way) to get a simple message out in the open and allow your fans or friends or followers (depending on the channel used) to become engaged – add their opinion, share feedback and help move the information along to others.

Choosing whether to tweet the message, post on facebook, share inspiring photos via pinterest etc. depends on the presence of the audience you are targeting on this particular social media channel. Find out what social media your brand’s target audience is using and try to keep in contact with them through this channel.

Whenever possible, add a photo of users enjoying the app, appealing app screenshots or recognisable products. This will help readers get the message clearly, allowing them to skip unnecessary text descriptions.


  1. Create a Newsletter –

If you don’t have one yet, put together an email list  – make sure to add people of interest, clients and fans and periodically send out updates about your activity. There are multiple services available, look up the best solution to suit your needs.

Use this channel to tell as many people as possible about your new app, invite them to test it out, offer seasonal discounts on specific products or special prices when purchasing through the app.

Please contact us for more info.

We will be happy to share more tips, based on our previous experiences.