Back to School: How Makeree apps and educational toys can both build the habits students need to succeed

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School has started again for many kids around the globe, and along with the deep decisions being made about which superhero lunchbox your scholar will be sporting; teachers and parents are facing the important questions that challenge educators every year:

  • How do I keep students interested?
  • How do I challenge them?
  • How do we teach in an age when students need to be connected to the outside world and enjoy what they are doing?

The days of the teacher talking and the student listening are gone. In order for kids to grow up to be the future problem solvers of tomorrow, they need to be learning experientially and having opportunities to problem solve for themselves.



Want students to dig in deep into exploring geometry and space?

“Geomag Education” is a class kit that includes magnetic rods and metal spheres that can be used to explore shapes, space and color. By connecting the rods and spheres, children can create 2 and 3 dimensional shapes, learn constructing basics and explore the concept of magnetic polarities.


Looking to explore chemistry with a hands on experiment?

4M’s “Crystal Growing” kits enables students to grow their own crystals. The children can learn about crystals and chemistry while experimenting with real components and achieving actual results.

Future engineers begin today

consider using “Brixo”, a “Lego” shape based building block that conducts electricity and allows students to safely experiment with sensors and wire systems to produce mini model creations.



And it doesn’t end in the classroom

All these toys and many more are using the “Makeree” platform to provide apps to students & teachers. The apps allow students to follow fun, interactive instructions. Using smartphones or tablets, each student’s can interactively as well as independently move at their personal pace, get tips, ask questions and much more.

Makeree also supports the inter-connected and growth that comes from our ever globalizing world. Through the app, students can take and share photos of their projects, as well as view other students projects from around the world- creating a global classroom outside their immediate physical space. and not just students can profit from Makeree apps. Teachers are also able to maximize instruction through the use of Makeree apps. Included are fully structured lesson plans, along with images, diagrams and best practices.


To summarize, this year try to stimulate and challenge students interest by refreshing studying methods and integrating toys, kits and interactive applications as part of the curriculum.

We wish you a fruitful school year!