Thinking outside the (packaging) box

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As a software company, Makeree connects off-line products with an online environment. Providing our services to diverse brands, has taught us the importance of syncing timeframes with our manufacturing partners’ production schedules. Some planning ahead is necessary to guarantee that once the boxes reach the store shelves, the branded app will be live and kit buyers will be informed about the supporting app that will make their experience with your products bigger and better.

Make it your goal to deliver the app message* .  Add supporting banners on your site, put it in your upcoming newsletter and last but not least have it stand out on your product’s packaging.  A product’s box is a means of communication with your current and future clients. Displaying that you have a branded app available for free download as part of the packaging, will be the most efficient way to drive much needed traffic to your app. In this case bigger (and clearer) is better and will result in more app downloads. Make sure you take costs and time-frames into consideration when choosing the right option for your brand and keep in mind that you are able to start with a modest change and can gradually advance to a more eye catching or time consuming advertising method.


Say it on the box, as part of your packaging graphics

Planning ahead and re-designing the packaging is required in-order to implement all or any of the options listed below, but they are the most common and visible options and results in the highest percentage of downloads.

1.  Use the easily identifiable App Store & Google Play icons (available for free use in print quality) –  This highly accepted method is seen frequently, it conveys the app message quickly and clearly.


2.  Add the app icon – Searching for a certain brand or name in the App Store or on Google Play, may result in a list of numerous options. Help your customers easily recognize a specific app, by showing them what the app icon looks like. The app icon is the first visual impression customers get about the app, so try to keep it simple yet memorable.


3.  Show an iPad, tablet or smartphone device –  Preferably presenting the device on the front side of the box, with an alluring scene from the app content. This method is very popular, increases the awareness about the existing app and has a great effect on the download ratio.


Placing Stickers

A flexible and cost effective method for spreading the word about your app is placing stickers on the pre-printed packaging.

Take in consideration that in some placed the graphics will be partially concealed and make sure you keep all hazards and warning notifications visible.

 Inserts within the box

When adding inserts or illustrated instructions in the packaging, add the app indication as part of the instruction pamphlet. This will be revealed as part of the unboxing process** .

Making the paper instructions shorter and less explicit or even waving the instruction pamphlet will reduce the paper waste and result in a higher app download rate.

Print on a surface of binding cardboard

Bundling a few kits together as part of a special offer or promotion?

Use the binding cardboard surface as an opportunity to put the notice about the app in a visible area.

* More on the subject of advertising about the app, in our next post entitled: There’s an app for that! But how will your customers know about it?
**Unboxing is a term that describes the process of opening a box and revealing the purchased merchandise – be it toys, fashion goods, electronics etc.  It has become a huge internet trend. Countless photos and videos of individuals unpacking retail boxes are shared daily (posted by companies and private people), listing all the different parts and expressing their opinion about the overall unveiling experience.  It is no secret that brands (big and small) are aware that product unboxing is a memorable experience for their customers and are putting a lot of effort into making this process pleasurable & rewarding – offering discounts, introducing new products and turning casual buyers into loyal fans.