Open Ends

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At Makeree, we are on a mission to bring creativity back. Our apps bridge the digital and physical, turning educational experiences into a lot of fun. So far, we’ve had the pleasure of meeting quite a few interesting companies that develop super interesting, open ended products –  engaging the young (and the young at heart) in creative play and ultimately turning the world into a better place.

So what exactly are open ended toys?

Open ended toys are play objects that allow free constructive play. They vary widely in shape and size, addressing different cognitive abilities and skills. There is definitely no debating their popularity nowadays, but it is when toy manufacturers finds true balance between providing the basic foundation and enabling creative freedom, that an open-ended toy really shines.

Personally, I have a soft spot for playthings that are not age specific, that challenge players of multiple skill levels to think outside the box and push boundaries. This is defiantly the case with many open ended products (connectors, hinges, blocks , joints and many more).

At Makeree we find these toys extra interesting, our apps can gradually introduce the basic operating techniques (with a set of structured projects) while leaving room for imaginative creation of tangible objects. Allowing users to manipulate the existing structures, make up new ones,  share insights and gain confidence in their own abilities.

One of the most exciting companies we have met along the way is Strawbees – the creators of a smart yet simple connector system, which allows building various structures from drinking straws. The Strawbees’ team dares users to dream big and build bigger, making sculpting in 3D possible, sharing many unique ideas for mechanisms and encouraging creative and collaborative play.

We are psyched to be working with this super-creative company on a Strawbees app. The app will challenge kids and grownups to create, experiment and share the results. The inventors will receive feedback from friends and experts, encouraging them to advance and grow as creative thinkers.



If you share our love for open-ended toys and are looking for products that offer practically endless possibilities for creative play, we recommend checking out these companies as well:, Plus-Plus, Geomag, Gigi Blocks, Clip It, Smiva and BAKOBA.


Download the Strawbees app today and let the good times roll.