Makeree Workshops

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For quite a while now, we have been using our platform as a base for creative hands-on workshops. Mentoring participants as they take their first steps in the making world and become DIYers.

Makeree equips any workshop leader with not only the content and materials needed, but also offers team leaders the means to evaluate the learning process and identify any areas of difficulty.

The workshops introduce the Makeree app and use our 11 (pretty amazing) projects to explain scientific principles, encourage creativity and help participant acquire skills while accomplishing cool interactive projects.  Basically learning by doing.



Our latest workshop was held yesterday, with a small team of young councilors from the GreenBlitz ‘FIRST’ robotic competition team. Even though these skilled youngsters are not new to electronics and are familiar with complex mechanism, they were smiling the entire time – constructing hand-made earphones and squeaking musical pencils.

The world renowned ‘FIRST’ organization engages kids in exciting, Mentor-based, science and technology programs that aim to help them become tech leaders, as well as well-rounded contributors to society.

As we share a common passion for teaching STEM in a playful environment, we are looking forward to working together with GreenBlitz – the official robotics team of the Hakfar Hayarok high school and can’t wait for them to use Makeree as the core activity in their educational encounters, teaching underprivileged children science in a fun and engaging way.