From DIY to DIT

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The Do it yourself phenomenon is also widely known as DIY. As its name implies, it deals with building and repairing various objects independently, with no professional assistance. DIY gradually evolved into DIT- doing it together, we wish to dig deeper into this transformation.


A step from the Makeree app. Helping creation-lovers practice what Aristotle preached.

The industrial revolution shaped our houses, cars and products into what they are today. However,  it took its toll on craftsmanship, as the automated manufacturing lines left no room for individual creativity.  In my personal opinion, as a craft- enthusiast, an un-fulfilled need remained with the public ever since – a yearning to invent, create or construct unique objects. DIY is one approach to dealing with this issue, as nothing compares to that empowering feeling when you accomplish building something from A  to Z (at whatever scale), with your own bare-hands.

DIY behavior originated in the Home Improvement arena, it offered a cost-effective method (that is also a creative-pass time activity) with printed step-by-step instructions. Many designated stores emerged, offering consumers packaged raw materials to build from, on their own. Retailers published video tutorials online and were offering guidance.

The Shift

It was when people started sharing from their own hands-on experiences, suggesting hacks and tips , when an interesting shift began.  The trend, previously practiced by individuals, turned into a sub-culture shared by a community of makers.

Creative builders of all types and disciplines, now sharing their experiences through the media and internet, using sites such as instructables,  Make , CraftsterHACKADAY ..  ,started offering advice to one-another, expanding the step by step instructions, improvising and building bigger and better things with a personalized touch. The mere action of construction, evolved into a process for identity enhancement, an opportunity to open up about interests, hopes and dreams. At Makeree, we believe everyone should experience this empowering feeling, so we designed a system to encourage people to create and offer a fun and easy way to acquire new skills and bring creative projects to life . Feel free to check it out.