Ready, set, MAKE!

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It was officially a year ago that we embarked on this creative journey, just celebrated one year of activity earlier today and would like to use this opportunity to invite you to get to know what we love doing so much at Makeree.

It all started when Dudi, Makeree’s founder and CEO tried to learn how to become a maker. He figured that with all of the resources available online, surly he could skip the super expensive classes available out-there and learn a few techniques on his own. He gave numerous video tutorials a try and tested out different instructional sites but couldn’t complete the projects time after time.

When sharing this experience with frustrated friends that had experienced similar ineffective DIY teaching methods, it was apparent that there is a need for a new and engaging way to learn new hands on skills – to help teach people how to knit, garden, deal with electronics or cook…There was a great need for a new way to teach people, of all ages and levels, how to construct tangible things.

Dudi put together a great team (which you’ll get to know via our blog) to tackle this issue and Makeree was born – A fun and easy way to learn to create.

We offer our users a set of project-based courses, allow them to advance gradually and independently, yet surround them with a supporting creative community (we constantly supply feedback and make the entire experience fun-filled).


We are greatly excited to share our interests and actions through this blog and invite you to

join our community by downloading our first app Makeree and experiencing everything first hand.