Makeree provides your customers an engaging digital experience

Makeree provides an engaging digital experience for your customers. Your customers will enjoy stunning interactive instructions, tons of activities, a thriving community, a helping hand in case of problems and much more.

Satisfied customers are just the beginning. Makeree will allow you to communicate with your customers directly, while they are assembling or using your product, providing valuable data on how customers are really interact with your products and brand.

Want to learn how you can benefit from working with Makeree? Here are some examples:

Building a community around your brand

When Strawbees launched the Strawbees app, it was clear from the start that the beautiful new instructions weren’t the biggest thing. When you want to make the most of an open-ended toy like Strawbees, you need to see what other people are doing with it, you need to be able to get feedback from others on what you built and interact with other users… that’s how communities are built, they communicate.

Learn how your customers are using your products

Geomag is a global leader in magnetic construction toys. With millions of customers worldwide, it is very hard to know what your customers are really doing with their products. Are they using it correctly? Are they getting the maximum value and potential of the products? What new creative things do users build? How are teachers using the kits in schools? With their branded app from Makeree, Geomag was finally able to get exactly these answers and strengthen their brand.

Make your toy relevant to digital natives

Stanley Jr brings back the joy of woodworking by allowing children to build their own toys. But how can carpentry be relevant to a generation of digital natives? It’s easy, the Stanley Jr app turned the instructions digital, while leaving the products as is. Now the products are more desirable by children, but still teaches a thing or two on how to work with your hands.

Add more play value to your product

4M is one of the biggest science and activity kit manufacturers in the world. A typical science kit is usually assembled, played with briefly and forgotten… But now, with the Makeree built app, 4M’s eco engineering series have an extended play value. Now users can easily find new ideas and extra activities with the same kits. Users are invited to think of their own ideas and share them with the growing community.

Improve your marketing

Plus-Plus USA knew that their existing customers really love their products and would, therefore, be the best marketers for these products. If you love a product you tell their friends about it, write great reviews, share on social media and buy more products for yourself and your friends. Plus-Plus USA simply wanted to make sure their customers have an amazing experience and have the means to do all that without any hassle. Now, thousands of happy customers are Plus-Plus marketing ambassadors.

What do you get?

Makeree will work with you to set-up & monitor your branded app. We will manage the entire process, so you will not need to worry about development, hosting, maintenance, privacy and online legal issues, updates and more. You keep doing what you do best and Makeree will take care of the rest…

Our solution comprises of 3 major parts:    

A fully branded app

Your branded app will enable your customers to effectively engage with your products; use easy to follow, step by step interactive instructions with detailed photos and videos, create original projects, tackle challenges and obstacles, have the ability to photograph and share their creations on social media, receive or give feedback, purchase products and most importantly, have fun.

Dashboard & Analytics

The Makeree Dashboard will allow you to manage and to learn more about your customers. In addition, you will be able to communicate directly with your users, moderate their content and assist them with assembly issues. More importantly, the Makeree Dashboard will provide you with valuable information and insight into how customers are really engaging with your products. From here, you can then offer your customers additional products or even ask them to write a product review.

Marketing tools

With our effective marketing tools, you can easily create marketing campaigns and send promotions and special offers to your customers. In addition, you can receive thousands of user generated photos, which can then be used in your marketing campaigns and on social media.

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